African percussion

African percussion

Willi Hauenstein

Willi was born in Edingen in Switzerland in 1969, and from 1989 he trained as a drummer and percussionist with the Ghanaian musicians Eric Asante, Mustapha Tettey Addy, Lartey Larko, Kofi Missiso, Ardyfio Okoe.

Since 1994 Willi has traveled regularly to Ghana to deepen his knowledge of the culture Ghanaian drum. In 2001 he studied the rhythms of Candomblé in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil Gabi Guedes.

In 1995 Willi founded the Afropercussion school of drums and percussion. He is also the founder, leader and producer of the band Afrosoul Emashie with which he participates in prestigious festivals, such as OA Frauenfel, Afropfingsten Winterthur, Montreux Jazz Festival, Afrika Tage Wien, African Music Emmendingen Festival, Sziget Festival Budapest, Lent Festival Maribor, Rottotom Festival Osoppo and others.

For over 20 years Willi has been collaborating with artists of various geographical and musical origins for the realization of Gospel, Soul, Funk, Jazz Fusion and Flamenco music projects. Amongst these: Emashie, Claudia Masika, Gentle Breeze, Camila Arantes, Eric St. Michaelis, Peque Castro, Unique, Aaron Bebe Sukura, Eric St. Michaels, Barrio Loco, Fumi Fumi, Denra Dürr.

Since 1999 Willi has been engaged in an intense teaching activity in Europe and since 2011 he has been conducting drums and dance workshops in Ghana.

Portoscuso, 20-25 June 2023

Seminars - the courses

of folk music, song and dance

Portoscuso, Tonnara su Pranu h 10:00/13:00 – 16:30/19:00


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African percussion

Willi Hauenstein

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