From the 25th to the 30th of June 2024, at the beautiful “Tonnara su Pranu” in Portoscuso, a small village in Southern Sardinia full of naturalistic jewels and archaeological sites, you can be the protagonist of a full-immersion experience in the world of linguistic, musical and folk traditions which, starting from our island, embrace the Mediterranean until they reach Africa.

A very rich educational offer, with courses for beginners and already trained musicians held by excellent teachers – six daily hours of workshops between AM & PM sessions to allow participants to rest in the sun and nature in the enchanting coves overlooking the sea, easily reachable from the center of the village. Furthermore, the workshop educational offer is enriched by daily evening events (concerts, poetry readings, literary meetings, book presentations, dances…), and the the much awaited final concert by the trained students and gratified teachers together on stage.

These are the characteristics of our workshops which, with the artistic guidance of Mauro Palmas, since 2014 represent passionate cultural training courses, with particular attention paid to the new generations, in harmony with the protection and promotion of our beautiful territories. Our ambitious goal is the establishment of a Mediterranean laboratory of World Music in Sardinia, a point of reference for enthusiasts, artists and scholars from all over the world.

After the first editions also hosted in Gonnesa, Sant’Antioco, Iglesias and Villacidro, the workshops are now held permanently in Portoscuso, involving the Municipal Administration, accommodation and commercial structures, schools and cultural associations, with a friendly and mutual support.

Every year, during the last week of June, Portoscuso comes alive with sounds, colours, music and dances, with the constantly growing participation of hundreds of young and more mature enthusiasts, musicians, scholars and journalists from all over Italy and Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Australia in a celebration atmosphere and great hospitality. For everyone, a unique experience of coexistence, comparison, exchange and human & educational growth; for many young talents also the start of an artistic career.

The workshops are an unmissable opportunity for those in search of discussion and a point of reference in their musical training, for those who love experiential holidays, for those in search of psychophysical well-being, for those who love to combine relaxation and study, in contact with the precious testimonies of history and the naturalistic power of the island.

For us they are the emotion of the transmission of knowledge and beauty, the joy for the legacy that is not lost, but continues to live, taking new forms and generating new wealth.

Mare e Miniere

2024 Workshops

Mare e Miniere

Portoscuso 25 - 30 June 2024