Folk singing

Folk singing

Elena Ledda

The voice par excellence of Sardinia in the world, Elena began her activity at a very young age in the field of traditional music, to which she combined her classical singing studies at the Cagliari Conservatory.

Following the great cultural ferments that enlivened Sardinia in the 1970s, Elena interpreted Brecht, Weill and Eisler, devoting herself to classical singing. Elena then promoted the first philological performances of ancient music and participated in the first experiments dedicated to contemporary music.

She deepens the research dedicated to traditional Sardinian music which will lead her to favor this repertoire in the context of her expressive art. The meeting with the musician and composer Mauro Palmas dates back to these years, with whom she will share future choices and projects.

Elena is an active protagonist of the Sardinian cultural scene, she has been involved for over thirty years in a work of dissemination of the linguistic and musical heritage of the island, open to comparison with cultures and musical genres without geographical borders. Elena has a great career of prestigious collaborations with musicians from different musical backgrounds, international awards, original productions all over the world, award-winning recording works.

Elena holds seminars and masterclasses throughout Europe (Friuli Folkest, Rome, Lecce, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, San Marcello Pistoiese, Le Cinque Terre, Rorbas and Zurich, Conservatory of Music and University of Sassari)

Elena has been a teacher and manager for our workshops since the first edition.

Portoscuso, 25-30 June 2024

Seminars - the courses

of folk music, song and dance

Portoscuso, Tonnara su Pranu h 10:00/13:00 – 16:30/19:00


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