Occitan political and popular songs

Occitan political and popular songs

Damien Toumi

Singer, musician, actor and storyteller, Mediterranean between Tunisia and Italy, Damien grew up in the richness of a cultural mix that greatly influenced his artistic career.

During his musical journeys from the mountains of Lebanon to the plains of Andalusia, the decisive meeting with Manu Théron and the Occitan language and culture that he decides to make his own, merging the great authors of the Occitan language and culture with the musical traditions of the Mediterranean.

A choice that responds to a vision of human society without borders where cultures, languages and music coexist in a peaceful relationship of exchange.

Manu Théron

Grew up between Algeria and Marseille (FR), from the age of 7 Manu studies piano and sang within the family environment. At the age of 18 Manu discovered Occitan music and poetry to which he decided to devote himself totally, until he became the protagonist of the birth of a Marseille polyphony, representing an expression of new cultural awareness.

Manu collaborates with prestigious artists and in 1995 he founded a vocal trio called “Gacha Empega“, making him known throughout France for his extraordinary vocal performances.

For about 20 years, with his group Lo Còr de La Plana, Manu has been the world ambassador of the city of Marseille.

A common poetic and cultural strength underlies the meeting of these two exceptional interpreters who combine their paths of renewal of Occitan music, working on sacred and profane repertoires, between spirituality and everyday life.

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Luigi Lai

Choral singing

Alessandro Foresti

Popular drums and percussion

Andrea Ruggeri and Enza Pagliara

Diatonic accordion

Riccardo Tesi

Occitan popular and political songs

Manu Theron
Damien Toumi

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